Body Piercing Jewelry- types, designs and creative criticism

Although generally the idea
of Body Piercing Jewelry is very unconventional and shocks people, there are a
choice few (quite a lot in today’s world) who choose to freely adorn these
crafted pieces of jewelry by attaching it to their piercings. As such, the
concept may be very bold and out of the box but it is a tradition that has been
followed in a lot of countries over ages and can signify many things in these
different countries. One of the main aspects that people must keep in mind
about Body Piercing Jewelry is the fact that the designs are created in a very
specific manner and for a specific body part. As such, all the Body Piercing
Jewelry ideas for a certain body part will have similar sizes and structures although the constituents used and the design maybe highly

One of the primary concerns for anybody who is
looking for Body Piercing Jewelry should be the effect of the various designs
on the skin of the person. This is because individually, people may be allergic
or susceptible to potential infections because of the use of certain metals and
stones. This is a very personal criterion and people must be able to choose and
judge carefully from the given options. There are also several medically
authorized and sanitary Body Piercing Jewelry ideas which make use of metals
and stones that have no known adverse side effects of any kind. The primary
concern however, remains to be the size of the Body Piercing Jewelry design and
the feasibility of fitting it on to a body part without any discomfort and
friction. As such, this is the first and major criterion and helps people
instantly zero in on a group of designs that are suitable.

As far as the Body Piercing Jewelry designs are
concerned, they are made with several different kinds of materials which may
include metals such as platinum and titanium alloys, gold and silver alloys and
stainless steel and so on. They also may have several colored stones (or in
some cases, actual precious stones) and other jewels set in the pattern and
their sizes and shapes vary. The general body parts that people may choose to
pierce include the ear lobes, the navel, eyebrows, nose and also the tongue.
There are several types of Body Piercing Jewelry
available for these body parts and they include studs, stones and jaded
patterns, rings and various other novelty creations. Basically, all these
designs are calculated to capture instantly the attention of the beholder and
so they are a very easy way for someone to make a powerful statement about
themselves and their personalities.    

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