The New Apple iPod Shuffle Features

The Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB Silver iPod has its most recent model out
today, the 4th Generation of the tiny music device that packs a big
musical punch. With its polished aluminum look and offering of five
different colors, it is the device that makes the perfect gift for music
lovers who are often on the go, for it clips on easily and is a perfect
addition to any jogging suit or purse.

In addition to the
sparkling silver one, there is also electric blue, a soothing green, a
brilliant orange, or picture perfect pink, so you can find an iPod
shuffle that fits your style and preference and one that will even
complement your wardrobe by serving as one of the most useful and
dynamic of fashion accessories that you can add to any outfit. With
about fifteen hours of battery life, you can enjoy this tiny music
dazzler on the go for quite some time. Take it with you when you go on
trips, take it to work or school to use during breaks, but no matter
where, it is easy to carry with its small, portable square size and
useful clip that can be added to a shirt, jacket, backpack, or strap of
any handbags.

Larger than older models, it’s easier to use than
ever, as the buttons are spaced far enough apart to allow your fingers
to choose just the right one you need without accidentally altering
songs, stopping, or altering volume when you meant to do something else.
Once you turn it on, you use the center button to play music or pause
music and you can skip or change songs with the left and right arrows
around the circular ring around the center, and the top and bottom to
adjust volume levels. With every click you can easily adjust your music,
and with its flip feature, you can turn on the shuffle switch to the
left to hear your music played in surprising, random ways, or move the
switch to the middle and the songs will play in the pre-arranged order
in which they were loaded.

The new shuffle comes with many
features that make it an even more advanced and useful gadget to have
for every music lover. For example, the VoiceOver feature can be
accessed in order to tell you the name and artist of the song you are
listening to, to serve as an alternative for lack of a screen and menu.
Similarly, the VoiceOver will tell you when your battery is dying so
that you know immediately when to charge it. No matter whether you love
Spanish music, French songs, or Irish ballads, the VoiceOver utilizes
the advancement of twenty five different languages so you will be

Store up to 500 songs on this easy to use device and
enjoy forming play lists and different arrangements of music so you can
have your favorite music on the go no matter where you go. Feel free to
upload songs that are of multiple formats, for MP3, MP3 VBR, Apple
Lossless, AIFF, and WAV formats are all supported by the system. Also
you can add audio books to your device and enjoy hearing your favorite
stories and poems read aloud to you, or take it with you in the car and
learn Japanese or Chinese with books that can easily be uploaded and
used on the device.

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