Dr Marina Gold Glendale- Hormone Replacement vs. Bio Identical Hormones

Women’s bodies go through many changes throughout their lives. Most of these changes and processes are facilitated by hormones. Women’s bodies are extremely resilient and can cope with these fluctuations but, as time goes on, the body slows down and starts to show this on the outside. Going through menopause can be one of the more challenging times and brings about a number of emotional and physical changes that can take their toll on the body.
 Many of the symptoms associated with menopause are very uncomfortable and can result in a drop in morale too.Some of the more common symptoms include:
hot flashesinsomnia and broken sleeping patternsvaginal drynesslowered sexual appetite because of vaginal drynessloss of skin radiance and lustera tired and drawn appearance as a result of a lack of sleepweight gain, bloating and digestive sluggishnessmood swings and mild depression

Hormone Replacement
Dr marina gold Glendale offers hormone replacement therapy. Some women are receptive to hormone replacement therapy which compensates for the lower levels of estrogen produced by the menopausal body. Dr marina gold glendale offers hormone replacement in pill form, as a gel or patch to be applied to the surface of the skin, as a nasal spray or as a vaginal tablet or cream. Dr marina gold glendale conducts individual assessments and consultations, and the best course of action will be determined based on a medical opinion and client needs.

Bio Identical Hormones
Dr marina gold glendale offers Bio Identical Hormones which are an alternative to hormone replacement therapy and are approved by the FDA.
Women’s bodies need hormones in order to function optimally and menopause causes lower levels of those hormones to be produced. This means that the body is deprived and certain processes will suffer as a result. Bio Identical Hormones ensure that the correct levels of estrogen and progesterone are maintained and the body works better as a result.
Bio Identical Hormones offer fewer side effects as the hormones mirror exactly what the body should be producing and the body thus recognizes them as “belonging” in the body and does not try to fight against them. In this department they are much successful than other synthetic hormones.
Bio Identical Hormones are created specifically for the individual and manufacturing them is an interesting process. Dr marina gold glendalewill take some blood and saliva samples to work out what your hormone levels are and how they are made up. She will work in conjunction with a pharmacist and create a replica of your hormone through a process called compounding.
Estrogen is important in the body to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause listed above. Progesterone is important for cardiovascular health, and especially that of the heart. Your cardiovascular health goes into decline as you age too, so it is important to look after your progesterone levels for both reasons. Dr marina gold glendale will administer progesterone by injection or orally.

This article will tell you how dr. will take some blood and saliva samples to work out what your hormone levels are and how they are made up.?

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