DIY Necklace, A New Choice for Us

necklace is a part of jewelry that is worn by men and women. The history of it
can be dating back to 40000 years ago when traditional people used different
kinds of materials to make the necklace which is thought beautiful by others.
At that time, the necklace is primarily used for decoration. Though nowadays,
necklace may be reckoned as the symbol of opulence and high status.

There is no doubt that the main usage of
the necklace that it is used for decoration has not changed. Today people
mainly wear necklace for decoration, but there is minority of people who wear
necklace to make themselves outstanding in the crowd.
are many materials that can be used to make up of the necklace. Generally
speaking, there are cross necklace, diamond necklace, pearl necklace and tooth
pendant necklace. Cross necklace has a feature of Christian cross. Diamond
necklace is a necklace that incorporates diamonds. They are often given as
gifts in Western countries as signs of love and fealty between wealthy lovers
or families. Pearl necklace are popular among women. Certainly it consists of
pearls that appear to be all the same size. Some men’s necklaces attach an
animal tooth as the pendant portion. These kinds of necklaces are very shiny
and absolutely very beautiful around people’s necks. But due to these
materials, the necklaces that are made up of these materials are also very
expensive. For most of the people, we may not have the ability to afford these
kinds of necklaces. Then what should we do?
week, I have seen some beautiful necklaces in pandahall. They are so beautiful
that the first sight I saw them, I reckoned them as the treasure that is made up
of diamond, pearl and tooth. Actually they are not the real diamond, pearl and
tooth. They are made of some cheap materials such as acrylic and wooden beads.
These materials make the necklace cheap, but they are as shiny as the necklaces
that are made up of the real diamond, pearl and tooth. What’s more, there are
many kinds of beads that are of different materials in pandahall. You can DIY
with these beads to make the necklaces to whatever you like. You must be very
delight to see the pretty necklaces that are made by yourself. You can give These
DIY necklaces to your friend or wear them yourself. These beautiful necklaces
can be used for decoration, and also thought treasure as symbol of high status.


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