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The Downtown San Francisco Marriott Hotel Wins Gold Key Award for 2005

Presented by Meetings & Conventions Magazine

This annual award is bestowed upon the world’s finest meeting and convention hotel properties.

The downtown San Francisco Marriott Luxury Hotel was nominated for this award of excellence by the readers of M&C, who based their votes on the overall professionalism and quality of this San Francisco hotel. This year, the readers honored 190 domestic and 20 international luxury hotels and resorts as Gold Key winners. Meeting and convention planners selected their winning hotel properties based on strict hotel service industry criteria including; quality of meeting room facilities and convention space, quality of hotel guest services, hotel staff attitude, banquet rooms, hotel restaurant food and beverage service, proficiency of handling hotel room reservations, availability of technical/support equipment and the range of hotel recreational facilities.

“The dedication to quality has always been a trademark of M & C’s readers who represent the highest level of meeting and convention planning/incentive professionals. The San Francisco Marriott Hotel has met these tough standards by providing outstanding hotel services,” said Bernard W. Schraer, Meeting & Conventions Group Publisher. “The entire M&C staff commends the downtown San Francisco Marriott Hotel for demonstrating the high qualities to earn the Gold Key distinction.”

The San Francisco Marriott Hotel will be honored and receive its Gold Key Award as a part of M&C’s Gold Awards ceremony on November 11, 2005 in New York City. The downtown San Francisco Marriott will also be featured in Meetings & Conventions’ Gold Awards issue published this November.

The San Francisco Marriott hotel is located in the heart of downtown San Francisco CA., across the street from Moscone Center and minutes from Union Square. When planning your San Francisco hotel meeting or convention, be sure to book your group hotel reservations at the San Francisco Marriott.

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3 Easy Ways To Make WOW Gold

World of warcraft (WOW) is one of the most popular games in the world. For you to buy skills, items, armor and do many other things you need to have gold. The good thing is that there are many ways in which you can make gold in the game. The most common ways are:


This is where you collect materials such as herbs, ore, leather, wool, stones, gems, fish, line and other materials that other players use in making items. The easiest ways of gathering include: skinning, mining, enchanting, and herbalism.

The good with gathering is that you don’t have to buy supplies. You can also easily find something to gather while you are leveling. To make gold you should sell the things that you gather in an auction house. It’s also wise to look for constant buyers.


This is ideal for you if you are at a higher level (level 40+). To do farming you only need to kill named bosses a number of times. While you will make gold through farming, it’s good to note that you usually take a lot of time to make enough gold. Just like in gathering, you should sell the items that you gather in an auction house. If you are unsure of how to price your items you should take a look at similar items and price accordingly.


If you have the skill, you can make the items that other players need and sell them. There are a number of activities that you can engage yourself in. Some of the ones that you can engage in include: blacksmithing, tailoring, leatherworking, and tailoring. You should note that for you to start crafting items you need to have at least 10 gold to spend in buying the raw materials.

Crafting is risky as you can craft items and then there is no demand for them. This results to you staying with products that you have already spent your time and money on.


These are some of the ways in which you can make gold on WOW. If you don’t have time to do the above and you need gold, you should consider buying it from reputable sellers. The cool thing with buying gold is that once you place your order you have it delivered in your account almost instantly.

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Large Inventory of the World?s Ten Scarce Royal Jewelry

1. Necklace of Marie AntoinetteRanked the first in the list is the necklace of Marie Antoinette who was the fifteenth children of Austria King Francis and Queen Maris Theresa is the most expensive item today we are going to talk about. With a extremely beautiful pink diamond hanging on the top, the stunning necklace was combined with many diamonds as well as two scare oval yellow diamond weighing about 5.24 carat, it can be regarded that all the diamonds are perfectly inlaid in the white gold base with a total weight of 8.05 carat. In addition, at the bottom of the necklace there is a while pear-shaped diamond weighing 7.06 in a dripping stance.2. Riviere and La Peregrina of Queen MarieKnown as the first female politician who took powers in the England history, Queen Marie was also famous for its luxurious wealth, the beautiful diamond necklace Riviere is among the fortune. Combined by 34 old-cutting stunning diamonds which were inlaid gracefully in the gold and silver made basic base, the expensive diamond is gained much attention.In 1900, the queen gave the exquisite necklace to her granddaughter – Princess Margaret. The other equally famous necklace of Queen Marie is La Peregrina which was made with big pearls and rubies and had a history of about 500 years.3. Diamond brooch crown of Princess MargretAs Queen Marie’s granddaughter, Elizabeth II’s sister, daughter of King George VI, it was said that wealth of Margaret has no one to equal in the world since she is from such a glorious royal family, it was naturally the she had many world level jewelry item, among which the most famous jewelry item is diamond brooch crown. Diamonds on the crown were cut according to old method which took reel-shaped mosaic as the theme, with 2.7cm high, the most amazing part is that the top luxurious diamond crown can be detached into a necklace and 11 gorgeous brooches which was all carved with the basic modeling of the initial “M” of Princess Margaret with loose diamonds around.4. Diamond panther bracelet of Duchess of WindsorMiss Wallis Spencer, the beauty that the Duke of Windsor preferred when between choices of beauty and landscape. Because she married the royal family member (the former King Edward VII), she owned great privilege to use various gorgeous jewelry items, while one extraordinary bracelet among the much jewelry broke the records of all the auction – $12, 417, 369. The bracelet was designed and made by Catier, with stunning ruby, emerald and sapphire inlaid in the round markings, the whole design is full of extremely elegant and luxurious tastes.5. Emerald Crown of Swedish Princess The unsurpassed beautiful crown belongs to Katharinahencket von donnersmarch who was the regent of Ostfriesland. With the reputation of quiet and beautiful diamond, the crown was set with green gem with a total weight of about 101.27 carat, which has ever been sold on the famous jewelry auction on Sotheby.6. Boundless Waterfall necklace of the Monaco PrincessAfter married Albert, Charlene Wittstock gained the royal title “Princess” and became the hostess of the dazzling jewelry in the Monaco royal family.Among the many expensive jewelry, a necklace she worn when representing recent activities gained much attention of the media and the massive. The necklace was created with 1237 diamonds, 6 large pearls and 18K rose gold. With a very amazing name, it would certainly be very valuable.7. The sapphire ring of the British royal familyBy looking as bottomless blue lake, the oval sapphire was inlaid with many loose diamonds which would definitely made the ring look dazzling and colorful, in some sense it can be one of the most expensive diamond ring in the world.When talked about royal family jewelry, the famous sapphire that Kate Middleton ever worn in her engagement ceremony and then sent as engagement ring to Princess Diana by Prince Charles would always occurred to our mind. Expect the material value of the ring itself, it is full of unique sense of history as well.8. Emerald Necklace full of artistic senseOwner of this beautiful necklace mentioned here belongs to the famous Spanish dancer Anita Degado, and then it was transmitted to Princess Kaputala. The gorgeous necklace was combined with dazzling diamonds, emeralds and crystal. As one of the precious treasure which had ever left clues in the London Christie auction, it was the most favorite elegant decoration of Indian princess, which is valued about 100 thousand pounds.9. The emerald necklace of ItalyOwner of the clear emerald necklace is the last Italian queen Marie Jose. By known for her collecting of so many exquisite jewelry items, the necklace we mentioned here is the one that made with many diamond and fine emerald with reflecting luster of silver and green, it was known that the famous necklace was made with the French famous jewelry manufacturer Van Cleef and Arpels.10. Crown and brooch of the Queen of RomaniaThe gorgeous brooch and crown belongs to the Romania queen – Queen Marie who is the first daughter of Prince Alfred of Russian and duke Mariaal Exandrovna. In shell shape, the beautiful brooch is repressed with the crown shape of the Romania queen and the letters combination. Graceful and with high temperature, another exquisite diamond crown that belongs to the Romania royal family is made with gold and various precious gems.

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Buy Diamond Earrings

give her something that she really wants…diamond
. A diamond earring set is the perfect way to show her that you
want her to be happy. Plus you will look like such a hero when she shows off
her new diamond earring set to all of her girlfriends.

Buying diamond
can be a difficult and daunting task to those who have never done
it before so here are some hints and help.

When selecting diamond earrings it is important to know a
bit about diamonds in general. Just remember your 4 C’s clarity, cut, carat,
and color. Clarity is how clear or how many flaws are inside the diamond.
Diamond earrings are not a center piece like a diamond ring so getting diamonds
with a few flaws is ok. Color is the tint of diamond, yellow is considered
dirty, so the whiter the better. Cut, refers to the style and quality of how
the diamond was cut. Most traditional diamond stud earrings use either princess
or round cut diamonds. Carat is the unit in which diamonds are weighed, but it
doesn’t refer to the size. Most earrings come in weights of .25ct, .5ct, 1.0ct,
1.5ct, 2.0ct etc. If you can find odd weight earring like .66ct then you often
save money on the diamond earring set with out losing size.

The most popular style of diamond earrings for the past 2
years has been chandelier style earrings. Chandelier style diamond earrings are
series of connected hanging bars covered in pave diamonds and are a very
affordable to get your girl diamonds. Chandelier earrings are great for work or
formal situations.

The best selling and classic style of diamond earrings are
diamond stud earrings. The two most common styles of diamond stud earrings are
hinged and post. This is something to notice before you buy diamond stud
earrings. Post style diamond stud earrings are a diamond placed on a straight
metal post and fasten in the back with a butterfly looking piece of metal. Hinged
is where the diamond hangs below a hinge and the diamond earrings are held in
the ear by a fish hook (also called French wire) shaped piece of metal. Find
out which style of earring she wears regularly and then try to match it when
you buy her diamond stud earrings.

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Beauty That Glitters

Women love to wear jewelry, which is a known fact around the globe. It’s an old tradition for women to wear accessories as they are expected to always look good. But with the change in time you’ll also notice men wearing accessories, like bracelets, chains, finger rings, and even earrings which have become a fashion statement.

Take a look around and you’ll understand how much the jewelry industry has expanded over the years. These days both men and women have become conscious of their looks i.e., whatever they wear should make a style statement. With the growing demand for something new in the fashion business, wearing accessories have also now became a necessity.

Metals like gold, silver and precious stones like diamond, ruby etc are used in making ornaments. They are used not only because they make the ornament look beautiful but also because they carry certain significance in certain cultures. Like for example, wearing gold in India is considered to be auspicious for the person wearing it.

Pearls also have been used widely for making jewelry. Jewelries made of pearl look beautiful and they also have a class of their own. They are equally expensive and make a style statement. Earlier only certain category of people like the royal families could afford to buy pearls but now with the increase in demand for pearl ornaments they are also made affordable.

Personally, I am in the favor of jewelry that is chunky. Most women see chunky ornaments as inelegant and loud. I think otherwise. It is my opinion that the traditional accessories developed by rural women of older times were one of the best that were ever created.

To give you an example of what I am talking about, let me talk about a necklace that I recently purchased. It has many tribal faces dangling from it. I know that sounds corny. But I do not buy ornaments for how they sound to my readers! Instead I focus on the special message that the artisan was conveying through her or his creation. I would go to the extent of saying that the run of the mill jewels that are machine made are lacking in character.

In addition, one more important aspect of jewels is that they can be a valuable investment. If they are made of rare metals, pearls or precious stones, they quite likely will appreciate in value over the long term. This potential for appreciation is one of the exceptional features of buying jewels. There are very few other forms of fashion accessories that could possibly increase in value – even if you used them in the interim period.

All in all, what I would recommend is that if you’re buying ornaments, you should be careful about not overpaying for the brand. Try to focus on valuable raw material, original design and the opportunity to resell the asset back to the place you bought it from.

Jewelry?will always be important. In pearl jewelry we have something special. The delicate pearl necklace sets are stunning and will take your breath away.

The Smart Way to Sell Jewelry

If you have been looking for a way to make a little money on the side, you should take a bit of time and look around your home for some things that you are no longer using. You would be surprised at how many things the average person owns and no longer uses. If you haven’t found anything that you think would be of much value to sell online or to a pawnshop, you need to think about learning how to sell jewelry.

It doesn’t matter how old your jewelry is, as long as you have it, you can take it to be appraised. Gold, silver, other metals, and gems are worth a lot of money right now, so you could possibly have a small fortune in your home and not even know it. There are many companies that claim they will offer you the most money for your valuables, but when they add in various hidden fees and administration costs, you may find that you are not making much money at all. This is why you need to make sure that before you decide to sell jewelry, you have thoroughly researched any company that you are selling your possessions to.

If possible, try to find some reviews on the companies you are thinking about selling to. If you find a bunch of reports or complaints, you need to steer clear of that particular company. You should also do a search for these types of companies on the Better Business Bureau website. There you will find that any companies you want to do business with have a grade that is reflective of the quality of their service and their dealings with their customers. Customers can also leave detailed information on how much they liked or disliked any experiences they have had.

Make sure that you have a third party appraise any jewelry that you are going to sell. Also check the current prices for gold, silver, and any other metals or gems that they may contain. This will give you a better idea of how much money you can expect to make when you sell jewelry. Once you have thoroughly evaluated your belongings, you are ready to take them to a company that buys jewelry.

Keep in mind that any company that you ultimately decide to do business with will have some kind of fee for providing you with this type of service. This doesn’t mean they are all out to make a hefty profit off of you; they need to cover their operating expenses. If you want, you can always shop around until you find a company that charges the smallest fees, which will give you more money to put in your pocket. After you sell jewelry for the first time, you will be hooked. Now you have another way to come up with cash when you are in a bind.

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Jewelry For A Perfect And Complete Look

It is certainly true that jewelry can highlight your dress and even be
a perfect solution to stand out from the crowd or leave an impression.
Word jewelry is term used to describe different forms of accessories:
rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and even head and hair
pieces (tiaras, hairpins etc).

Jewelry exists for more than a thousand years. And what is even more
interesting, people were wearing it before even starting to live in
proper shelters. Historically speaking, from the past till the present
day, both men and women used jewelry to show off their status, their
power and personal taste and style. Although in the past, men were
wearing bigger and shinier jewelry, today it is mainly female
accessory. The best part of wearing these details is that with them,
even the dullest monochromatic wardrobe combination, can look
interesting and seductive.

There are, however, few rules one should follow, when buying, combining
and wearing jewelry. Try to be discreet, and do not wear too many
details, because they will lose their purpose, and you will end up
looking like a Christmas tree. If you wear gold, stick to it, in color
that is. Mixing silver and gold is hard to do in a tasteful stylish
manner, so do not push your luck. Always chose accessories based on
where you go. You do not wear the same things to a club, to the opera
and to work. Same goes for jewelry, leave chains at home on official
occasions. If you are wearing something made of plastic materials or
some bijou be sure they look classy and nice (you do not want to see
stones falling off, or color not being sustainable). Also check out if
they will leave dark color marks on your neck or finger, and see if you
have allergies, because some materials can cause them.

Precious stones and precious metals are not a guarantee that something
will look good and stylish on you. Some cheap bijou pieces can look
adorable and be very trendy! If you are planning to buy something which
is a timeless piece, like a wedding ring, ask for the premium quality,
and keep in mind that it does no come cheap. However, if you need a
trendy detail, something which is hot this season, and will be no
longer fashionable in few months, buy something cheap and bijou, it
pays off to be rational.

Jewelry must be clean in order to look good. Here are few tips on how
to maintain your collection. Gold can be cleaned by soaking into a
mixture of warm water and few drops of dishwasher balsam. Diamonds can
be cleaned in a mixture of warm water and ammonia (leave them for
approx 20 minutes). Pearls should be cleaned with a soft fabric –
muslin is the best option. Last but not the least, silver jewelry can
be brushed with special silver shampoos or pastes you can find in any

No matter which jewelry type suites you best, be sure to match it with
your overall appearance, styling, personality and the place you are off
to. Take the jewelry off, when showering or swimming in the sea or a
pool. You can lose it or it can change color or form, and if that
happens it may not be that flattering anymore.

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Gucci SIGNORIA Watch with Diamond

I almost fall in love with this watch at the first sight. At the very first glance, I even took it as a luxury bracelet. People tend to buy luxury precious jewelry like diamond ring to stand for their love. They believe that the permanent love exists in the timeless diamond. As I see it, this watch may serve as a better engage present, for not only can it represent permanent, but it also record exactly every minutes you spend together. 
This Gucci SIGNORIA watch has quartz movement and jewelry clasp. It is a luxury watch in large version: the white gold case is sized at 20 mm and trimmed with 48 diamonds, and 184 diamonds are trimmed on its white gold horse-bit bracelet and with malachite dials. It is total 2.0 carats. The watch has a crown at 6 o’clock and on its sapphire crystal are 12 indexes. “Made in Swiss” is a label on almost all the fine luxury watch, and it is the same with this one. The watch is water resist to 30 meters and enjoys a 2 year warranty.
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Gold Drop Earrings Are A Kind Of Jewelry That You Can Select For A Present

Gold drop earrings are only one of several types of jewelry that may be selected for gifts to an individual. When picking a gift for an individual many factors will need to be considered. If thought is put into selecting a gift it is more likely that’s the gift will be more appreciated than one where there was no thought put into it.

It is a good idea to find out what an individual likes prior to selecting a gift for them. Many sources of information can be used to get this information including finding the information out from individuals with whom they are close or asking people that they know about their likes. If you are not very familiar with then you may ask them directly to avoid offending them with the gift that you choose.

When selecting jewelry for individuals allergies may also factor into the selection. Some people are allergic to different metals and selecting jewelry that they are allergic to would suggest that not very much thought was putting to it. Make an effort to find out if they have allergies before selecting a particular type of jewelry for them.

Cost considerations are yet another factor when selecting a present. When looking to save money you will be able to access various resources that can help you do this. A few of these may include Internet purchases or purchases from sources that have an overabundance of items in stock. Make some efforts to do a little research about the different ways that you can save.

Needless to say it is going to be important to consider the individual for whom you are purchasing the gift. Purchasing gifts for men as opposed to gifts for women will require a difference approach. Talking to professionals who work at locations where you are purchasing the gift might give you some additional insights into what you should buy.

When purchasing a gift you may also need to find out what the return policy of the store from which you are purchasing the gift is. Some stores may have return policies that are stricter than others. You will want to allow for some room for the recipient to return the gift if they do not like it or if it does not fit.

It is also going to be necessary for you to find out if the gift that you are purchasing is appropriate for the person for whom you’re buying it. In certain cases a gift may not be appropriate for a particular situation. An example of this would be purchasing a gift for a coworker. It may not be a good idea to purchase a very expensive gift for your coworker. Individuals that are buying gifts for others you must always keep in mind that the costs of the gift needs to be appropriate to the type of situation for which you are buying it. If you don’t know what these levels are you can talk to professionals where you are buying the gift.

Gold drop earrings
can be an example of a present that may be inappropriate in certain circumstances and appropriate in others. There are plenty of places where one can make a purchase of this present. It is always wise to conduct some comparisons regarding pricing when making the purchase of this kind.

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Trendy Women Clothes and Artsy Earrings

Who doesn’t like decorating our ears? Why, it most of the time finishes our trendy women clothes
outfit. Earrings must have been the oldest form of adorning our body.
Why, is some cultures and tribes, women wear nothing but earrings!

our fast-paced modern culture, our ears gives us the easiest and most
prominent body part to adorn. We express ourselves, our own moods, our
attitudes through jewelry and we affix our ears.

Earrings have
been around forever, well, as near as we can tell, a very very long
time. The oldest known earrings are the Lunate Earrings which were
excavated in Ur in Mesopotamia that is now known as Iraq (Of all
places). These gold crescent hoops are approximately 4,500 years old.
The earliest designs of earrings were hoops and pendants made of
previous metals, most commonly gold and sometimes bone.

of the hairstyles that were eventually developed, the popularity of
earrings yoyo-ed. A good example would be, the adornment of our ears
fell out of favor when the middle ages came in as it was found immoral
for respectable married women to be seen in public with their heads
uncovered. Then in the mid-1550’s women began wearing their hair up,
exposing their ears and then of course, earrings resurged.

are also quite easy to make. There are a lot of materials available in
the market today that can help you out. There are even kits available
for sale that should kick-start your earring making hobby. People also
make earrings as business a lot of artists are the ones who make their
own earrings.
So go ahead and be creative and make your own, that way
you will be wearing a very unique piece and you can use materials that
matches your mood or what you felt when making it.

You can convey
something from the heart or even just something to make other people
laugh. There are several beads that you can use to make wonderful
earrings from scratch.

There are also a lot of artsy earrings out in the market with as many different variations as there are people wearing them.

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