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2010 Year in Review for Swiss Timepieces

Although the financial recovery in 2010 remains less robust than anticipated, the Swiss watch making industry has nonetheless exposed the complete force of traditional excellence, design creativity, and technological enhancements. You will find undoubtedly many Swiss watches well worth mentioning however , many brands differentiate themselves from all the rest. This post will have a look at the excellent manufacturers which made their mark over the former year. Visit a local authorized watch dealer in your area for more information about these remarkable watches.

Audemars Piguet – the Quincy Jones Limited Edition from this particular brand features a 45x40mm blackened stainless steel oval shape. The Quincy Jones signature is engraved on the caseback while piano key designs are visible on the exterior portion of the dial. This automatic movement wrist watch comes with alligator texture strap with stainless steel folding. Only 500 pieces of this specific model were produced.

Cartier – Calibre de Cartier wrist watch is especially aimed at male sportsmen. The 42mm stainless steel case, the crown that highlights the spinal cabochon along with the use of in-house 1904-PS MC self-winding movement all demonstrates that this is a manly wrist watch. These Cartier watches are for sale in 18k rose gold, steel, or the combination of both.

Breitling – the Superocean diving wrist watch from the brand accommodates the Calibre 17 automatic movement which is noted for its precision. It offers a 42mm stainless steel case. The dials are available in Abyss Silver, Abyss Black, Abyss Blue, Abyss Red, and Abyss Yellow. Its strap alternatives include Ocean Racer or Diver Pro rubber straps. It is also offered in stainless steel.

Chanel – the diving timepiece from Chanel has definitely made a lot of waves in 2010. The Chanel J12 White Ceramic wrist watch for women features a 33mm case, stainless steel and ceramic revolving bezel, and white dial with blue hands. This watch is operated by quartz analog movement and it includes a white rubber strap.

Omega – an additional brand that made its mark this past year is Omega. The Omega Constellation wrist watch features quartz movement, a power reserve that can continue for 32 months, diamond bezel, and rhodium finish. It comes in 18k red gold and stainless steel.

Chopard – measuring 45mm in diameter, the Chopard Superfast Chrono wrist watch features a chronograph movement, black rubber pushers, and black dial with date display among others. It truly is certainly appreciated by individuals who seek innovative and also technological innovation in a wrist watch.

Panerai – this brand never fails to surprise but it absolutely outdid itself in 2010. The Panerai Radiomir Composite Marina Military watch combines the P.2002/7 Calibre. The classic design of this watch tends to make timepiece connoisseurs immediately fall in love with it.

Melissa is a regular contributor for She is a luxury watch enthusiast and enjoys sharing the latest news and information about her favorite watches, including Panerai watches?and many others.

Attractive Jewelry Beads For All

Beads are the prettiest things ever. Whether used for jewelry making or crafts or to embellish any apparel, beads are most useful. Beads are a hobbyist’s best friend and the mainstay of jewelry industry. Beads come in all sorts of materials, colors, designs and patterns. Different sizes meet the requirements for chunky necklaces or dainty bracelets. Whether a teenaged girl’s fantasy hair band or multiple necklaces in various colors to match with a lady’s wardrobe, beads cater to all requirements. Beads could be used to create the appearance of a necklace when embroidered on the neckline of a dress; Or beads could be used to make a beautiful belt; Or to embroider a handbag and give it a sophisticated appearance.

If you are involved in making any of these, whether as an apparel designer, or a maker of accessories or as a jewelry designer, you would be looking for good quality consistent supply of good quality, pretty and sturdy beads. We can fulfill all your requirements with our vast range of jewelry making beads and associated jewelry making supplies.

The range of materials used to manufacture beads includes acrylic, Austrian crystal, bone, cinnabar, clay, cubic zirconia, glass, metal and resin. Also available are beads made of gemstone, lamp work, shell, pearl, woven, wood, nut, seeds and bugle. Besides these, rhinestone and Tibetan style as well as European style beads are also available. Gemstone beads include ever popular semi-precious gems like agate, aquamarine, amethyst, bronzite, carnelian, citrine, coral, jade, malachite, lapis lazuli to other varieties like medicinal stone, peridot, quartz, rhodonite, tiger eye, tourmaline, watermelon stone and wealth stone etc..  All put together, the number of options to select from based on material, color, shape and size runs into thousands and will surely meet any requirement that you may have for making jewelry. 

Even the shapes and sizes are varied. Alphabet beads in flat round, glass pendants, glass cabochons and electroplated glass round beads, and turquoise beads all make for stunning pieces of jewelry. Give a free hand to your imagination and create exquisite new designs with our jewelry beads as your raw material. Jewelry comes to life when our beads are used for jewelry making.  Some of the new arrivals include acrylic colorful beads and European beads. Explore the entire range now. Bead encrusted baby headbands may also find favor; they are soft like baby’s hair, cute and attractive.

These beads are all very lightweight and available in small package sizes. Purchase a small lot if you are a hobbyist or in bulk for your jewelry making requirements if you are a designer. We have good prices available for each and deliver anywhere in the world. Your order can be made ready in as less as three days.

Pair up our jewelry beads with a wide range of options in jewelry making supplies such as jump rings, cabochons,  pendants and create beautiful works of art that is a necklace, a bracelet, a belt or a valentine day gift.

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Necklaces – The Current, Past and Present

Even though you will discover variations the majority of the same techniques used in 30,000BC continue to be utilized to this very day. Back then, necklaces were constructed mostly of bone fragments, rocks, shells, animals’ teeth or even claws and were strung through a line.

In twenty-five hundred B.C. gold metal was starting to be put to use in neck jewelry. Gold neck adornments together with chokers had been observed inside the Royal Grave of Ur. They’re in what’s these days referred to as Iraq. 2000 B.C. was the moment Sumerian bead neck jewelry started to utilize alternating patterns of tinted stones and gemstones together with alloys such as copper or silver.

Ancient Egyptian neck jewelry evolved from simple stringed beads to intricate patterns and consist of the ‘broad collar’ and pectoral variety. These were used by both genders, mostly queens and prosperous citizens. They were often entombed together with their dead owners.

Gold had been abundant during the entire Greek Empire when Alexander the Great conquered the Orient in 356-323 B.C. Amongst golds uses, was to create necklaces and other kinds of jewelry.

Ancient Rome had unique guidelines that really governed the wearing of jewelry. These laws assigned simply how much gold jewelry might be put on by women or buried along with the dead.

From about the first century on, Roman Jewelry begun to distinguish itself. Gemstones came into use and had been normally cut in circles or perhaps square shapes. In the end of the following century gold piercing procedures were invented. It produced a sort of lace like quality in gold necklaces. The preferred design of the time would have been a string of diversely colored gemstones attached by gold links.

During the second and third century it became popular to wear numerous necklaces all at the same time. The types of necklaces sometimes suggested the amount of wealth or class of the wearer. Necklaces had been very popular in whatever form could be created. During the next few centuries the interest of wearing necklaces waned considerably. Around the late fourteenth century necklaces started to take back their attractiveness as a result of fashions decolletage.

Since that time, necklaces are very popular among all the classes. A favorite gift of children for their mums is definitely the famed or perhaps infamous macaroni necklace. What new mother doesn’t love such a present from the heart? These are valuable not in crystals or rare metals but in sentiment and heart value.

Necklaces are generally worn today for various reasons not the least of which is personal adornment. Lots of people wear medals which are religiously significant like those with images of the Saints or Jesus Christ. Many put on a plain cross while others will wear a Crucifix which is actually a cross upon which the graphic of the figure of Christ is mounted. It stands to reason that it can be asserted necklaces have been and will remain a piece of jewelry which is entirely adaptable in its design and the intent of the wearer.

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How to Sell Horse Jewelry Horse Earrings Horse Bracelets

Advertising in real life is one of the most productive ways to get
customers. Happy customers will recommend you to their friends about how
great your jewelry designs and how well they sell. This word of mouth
publicity will be priceless for your horse jewelry business. Online
advertising will be another good way to get publicity for your Horse Jewelry website.

Participating in horse jewelry shows and horse trade shows will get
you many contacts as well as good sales. People who are interested in
your horse earrings and bracelets will visit your website in their
convenient time and make orders from your horse jewelry website. It is
always a good idea to give your customers at wholesale jewelry and gift
shows business cards with your website address. Encourage your customers
to follow on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. You can offer
your social media followers a discount when they purchase jewelry from
your website. Do not forget, you can have the most unique jewelry in the
world but this would not help increase your sales if nobody knows about
it. You have promote your handcrafted necklaces, lockets, bracelets,
earrings and all your unique jewelry sets as much as you can to let
people know how wonderful your horse jewelry is.

Your patterns and colors are fundamental and timeless. With an
elegant pattern of individual creation of handcrafted jewelry and unique
gifts will give you the edge to compete in the horse jewelry market.
Your artisan jewelry, with your beautiful creations will be very unusual
and most unique jewelry that will draw the customers to your creations
as you will be the only horse unique jewelry supplier providing these
outstanding wholesale jewelry designs. There are many reasons to buy
horse jewelry and gifts.Customization of the unique jewelry combined
with that friendly service that you should provide will be the key
factor of increase wholesale jewelry sales.When people go into the malls
and big box stores they see the same items.When horse items are created
they have an original look, feel and designs to them, and most jewelry
artisans will customize to suit individual customers.

These essential elements are what make the artisans horse jewelry different from the mass produced ones. Equestrian jewelry
pieces become the designers reflection of his or her soul as these
creations of jewelry become the pride of life for the artisan. Your
personal artistic touch as well as your friendly service will set your
horse jewelry business apart from department stores. You should decide
how to market your horse jewelry, is it retail or wholesale that you
would like to focus on. Once you make up your mind then you have to
choose the proper ways of marking in the areas and retail and wholesale
marketing requires different promotional strategies.

For retail marketing of your horse jewelry home parties selling Horse Bracelets
could be where many successful horse jewelers start out. People invite
their friends for some snacks or dinner one afternoon or evening. As
desert is served, and small talk begins, you can show your guests your
latest horse jewelry creations. Let them take a look and feel of your
products. Have mirrors handy and allow guests to try your jewelry. This
relaxed and friendly environment could be a great venue not only to take
pride of your handiwork but also to sell them to people who are close
to you.

If you would like to venture into the outside world, craft shows are a
great place to exhibit and sell your horse jewelry. Craft fairs are
where people of the same interest gather to look and shop for
interesting finds. Fairs provide great settings for jewelers starting
out as they provide good learning experiences such as the latest trends
in horse jewelry business. This is also where you could meet with
potential contacts for your future handcrafted jewelry ventures for
selling horse earrings.

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Louis Vuitton C?leste Jewelry Collection

Céleste collection is a fresh, feminine theme featuring a pearly pink disc disc decorated with golden-colored Monogram flowers, which will definitely win great popularity among girls. And this collection ranges over hair accessory, pendant, bracelet and ring, all of which features resin and golden-finish brass. The elasticized hair accessory is both pretty and practical for every day at a price of $290. The pendant weighing a price of $420 combines supple and rigid metal to gracefully adorn the throat. And the delicate bracelet encircles the wrist and closes with a tiny magnet and comes in $405 while the pretty ring pricing $225 will flatter any woman’s hand. 

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Follow the English Premiership through your wrist watch

A unique watch, developed by a Hong Kong based entrepreneur, enables the owner to view all fixtures and keep a record of the results of up to any three of their favourite teams in the English Premiership Football League is now on the market.

The watch, which comes in three colours, black, blue and red, is the brainchild of Robert Cave, Managing Director of Spfx Sports Watches (International) Ltd.

“At a business lunch with a friend three years ago, I said, wouldn’t be great if I could instantly know whom my favourite football teams are playing and the idea of a watch having this capability was born,” Robert Cave said.

“It has been quite a journey and it has resulted in the development of what is the first watch to read and download information direct from the Internet,” he said.

The watch costs £99 and can be purchased through and

It comes with an electronic key which enables fixtures to be downloaded from the official website.

Up to three teams can be tracked and apart from detailing fixtures and allowing results to be tabulated, it also displays the time in 20 different time zones.

Incredibly, when purchasing a watch, a buyer has the option to enter a lucky draw, drawn after the sale of the first 10,000 watches for US$250,000 worth of diamonds, or a rolling draw, made after the sale of batches of 150 watches, to win a five day trip to the UK and VIP treatment at a Premier League match.

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Get the Best Cash For Gold Tips From the Inside!

 The reason why some issues may arise with trying to sell their gold online is due to the fact that there are so many cash for gold companies that have come out that may not know the best ways to serve you and to make sure that your cash for gold experience will be the absolute best that it can be. We are going to show you how to get cash for gold tips from the inside!

So in order to be the best provider of cash for gold knowledge, we want to give you 5 solid tips for having the best cash for gold experience online today.

Tip 1- Do not be selective when it comes to selecting and preparing your gold to sell. In other words, if you are not using ANY of your gold, consider it ready to be sold! This could be anything from broken gold, to scrap gold even right down to your unused gold coins. When you approach selling your gold like this, you will always be successful because you can get the highest payouts like this.

Tip 2- Find an Online Pawnbroker that will send you a gold pack right away. When a company is able to send you a gold pack right away, means that they are very serious about your business with them.

Tip 3- Make sure that you are aware of any un-apparent processing fees. This could significantly affect the payout that you are about to receive.

Tip 4) Make sure that you do full research on the cash for gold company that you want to deal with and that they have a working and reachable phone number that you can call in the event that that you need to call them back.

Tip 5) Don’t Wait! One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to having the best cash for gold experience is that they wait too long to gather their gold pieces and send them in. The price of gold is high now so it only makes sense to send in your gold in the fastest manner possible.

When you know just what the best tips are for selling your gold on the internet today, you will have a much more, pleasurable experience time and time again. So don’t hesitate any longer, get out there and sell your gold today!

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What You Should Know When Buying Body Piercing Jewelry Online

When you have body piercings there is a need to buy many different types of body piercing jewelry. This can be a wonderful way to show your individualism, or even what you stand for, but the issue is that this can get quite expensive. For this reason, many people are starting to shop online for their body jewelry as well as many other items they need, as you can generally get a better price and selection. There are a few things you should keep in mind though when you are shopping online to make sure that you get the right body piercing jewelry and the best price.

One thing you should take into consideration is the store that you are buying the jewelry from. You do not want to go with a company that will rip you off and the problem is that many of these stores that do are good at looking legitimate. However, there are a few things you can use to help you spot them. One is to make sure that the link on the order page starts with https instead of http, as the s stands for secure. You should also just look up reviews for the company to make sure there are not a flood of people who have been ripped off.

You should also make sure that you read all of the product description when you are buying body piercing jewelry. This is important because you want to make sure that you are getting the right gauge and even the right type of body jewelry for what you are looking for. If you get the wrong thing you may not even be able to wear it in the piercing. Or it may look weird. You should also make sure to read the terms and conditions of the sale in case you need to return it. Some companies have weird rules regarding this and when you purchase something, you are stuck following their terms.

Be aware of the shipping costs with the body piercing jewelry as well. Do not spend more on the shipping than you are on the actual jewelry, which is a mistake some people make. Keeping these tips in mind can help you to save time, money and hassle when shopping for your body piercing jewelry. In the end, you will have wonderful jewelry that you will love and can wear with pride.

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Kenneth Jay Lane Lacquered Star Necklace

Elevate your new-season style to stellar heights with Kenneth Jay Lane’s gold-tone chain necklace. It features a designer tag and hook fastening at the back of the neck. Countless stars dangling from the gold chain casually. The drop measureing approximately 48cm is perfect to match with your any outfit. Drape this dramatic extra over a tank and bandage-wrap skirt to infuse black magic into your evening repertoire. Look no further than this model, wearing a Kain tank, Helmut Lang jacket, Christian Louboutin shoes, Hervé Léger skirt and a Miu Miu clutch go with this long fabulous necklace. It intensifies your high taste and sensitive fashion savvy. In fact, it is just á100 in retail.

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Watch House Season 7 Episode 14 Online as Dr. House Gets His Priorities Right

Hugh Lurie in his narcissistic, misanthropic, cynical and curmudgeonly
avatar, Dr. Gregory House, has received a lot of applause. The medical
mystery series House has been much-loved by its viewers. With season 7,
many innovative elements have been incorporated into the structure of
the show. As we can see in the current episode 14, the show has many
messages for its audience, which you can also enjoy when you download

Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey is the
breeding ground of all the mystery that the series is so well-known
for. Of course, Dr. Gregory House’s brain deserves special mention when
it comes to mystery! You can see this unconventional doctor all over
again in House full episodes.

The show, since the time it was
first aired, has garnered a lot of acclaim. Travelling successfully
through six seasons, the seventh is now here, to give us another
generous dose of entertainment. This week, watch House season 7 episode 14 online to find out what lessons Dr. Gregory learns.

this episode, called ‘Recession Proof’, we will find many things taking
place. There is a patient, who will be admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro
Teaching Hospital, after he broke out in severe rashes, following a
chemical exposure at his workplace. Grab a House season 7 episode 14 download
after its official release, to enjoy every bit of the information that
Dr. Gregory and his team receive during the course of treating their

You will watch House and his team trying to tend to the
patient while they are let in on a relevant piece of information from
their patient’s life. The installment also shows many of the characters
learning many lessons. Season 7 has been loved by viewers, and episode
14 is bound to take the popularity even higher. You can catch all the
mystery and action online as well, to catch it all over again!

this episode, we see Dr. Cuddy about to be honored with an award at a
charity event and Dr. House attending the same, appears mandatory.
However, he learns his lesson in priority when he watches his patient
battling with life. House Season 7 episode 14
is going to be full of surprises and new lessons for Dr. Robert Chase
and Martha M. Masters as well. As each of them teaches the other a
lesson in relationships, we also get to learn a lot.

with the difficult choice of his patient and practice on one hand, and
his own happiness on the other, we find Dr. Gregory House emerging
wiser at the end of this ordeal. Also, is up to Dr. Cuddy and Dr. House
to decide whether they can actually manage a ‘real’ relationship or
not, after their relationship reaches a new level. So, stay glued to
know more!

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