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Men Lucky Chinese Bead Shape Obsidian Pi Xiu Bracelet – Wear Your Luck on Your Hands

As the name suggests, the men lucky Chinese bead shape Obsidian Pi Xui bracelet is formed out of the Christian mythology and Buddhist belief of Pi Xui and Obsidian respectively. It prevents any kind of evil to harm you and attracts success towards you.

There are many charms that are available in the market that boasts about their super effects. But it is important that you stay attentive and choose the best that can help you get out of your problems and prevent any negative energy to get near you. The men lucky Chinese bead shape Obsidian Pi Xiu bracelet is not among the common stuff that you get in the market. It is based on Chinese mythology and contains power to protect you from danger and bad jealousy. The name of this bracelet comes from the Chinese mythical hybrid creature i.e. Pi Xiu. This creature is believed to have a head of dragon and the body of a dog or a Chinese lion. It is believed that Pi Xiu is an auspicious creature for wealth and is said to have an appetite for gold and silver. Thus, this creature is regarded as a possessor of mystical power that can attract wealth from all directions.  

This bracelet is highly recommendable to the ones who are going through some financial breach in their lives. Besides, the bracelet is made up of obsidian stones and a yellow tiger eye bead. The obsidian stone is considered as a protective stone that protects you from negative forces and helps in the overall development of an individual. This stone also heals personal problems and helps you overcome the tragedies of the past. The bracelet enhances your will power and strengthens your luck in all dimensions of life. This can be a perfect gift for your loved ones as it will bless them with wealth, prosperity, good luck and success. The bracelet comes in a black colour that includes the obsidian stones and the Pi Xuiimage with the yellow tiger eye stone.

Evil eye, jealousy, bad intentions or sorcery can’t be prevented easily by ordinary means. You need a strong medium to overcome such troubles that are beyond the control of a normal human being. A product like this is a blessing of God for you in such situations. The bracelet protects you from all the evil that is prevailing around and attracts money and success. Such a thing is truly priceless for a person in need. In the market, you will get the Chinese Bead Shape Obsidian Pi Xiu Bracelet for a high price. But DinoDirect presents you this amazing bracelet at a much lesser price. Not just that, at DinoDirect you can avail different kind of bracelets that come with jewels that have special powers, according to your need and situation. So don’t wait to buy this amazing bracelet that will remain with you forever to bless you with good fortune and protect you and support you against all odds

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Silver beads

Beads have been used since time immemorial to decorate the naked shoulders and breasts of women. Traditional communities still use them as part of their traditional cultures while in modern societies women use them as part of their make up. Different items have been used ranging from natural to artificial in the manufacture of beads for purposes of beads. In traditional societies, certain seeds were treated and used for making beads which were then sawn into threads and worn around the neck. Beads also served such purposes as symbolism of passage rites. That is why they were worn by women in certain age groups.


Silver beads symbolize the entry of modernity in beads making and wearing. Today it can be said that silver beads epitomizes the practice and or culture of beads making and wearing. They are not the direct products of the traditional cultures though it is difficult to completely delineate them from the cultural practices. In fact they are worn both for purposes of beauty and for art purposes by those in the film production industries. They are also used for drama in lower instances of acting.


Today’s silver beads come in different shapes and sizes as there are many manufacturers. The silver beads are sold by leading jewelry shops like Dreamland Jewelry in Italy which is an international marketer for such items and products. Dreamland sells an assortment of silver beads varying both in shapes and sizes. There are Sterling Silver seemed beads, Sterling Silver beads spacers, Sterling Silver stardust beads, Sterling Silver mirror beads, Sterling Silver Light corrugated beads, Sterling Silver Matte finish beads, Sterling Silver Plain saucer beads, Sterling Silver Corrugated saucer beads, Sterling Silver Plain Rondel beads, and Sterling Silver bead tips.


From the above list of silver beads varieties, one can see that there is a whole range of silver beads and that they also serve different purposes. Some are used at the tip of the chain while others form the main body. The different shapes can be used interchangeably to bring some pattern and reduce monotony. There are others which are used as spacers meaning that they can be used on narrow chains even if they have big holes as the spacers will stop them from falling off once spacers are fixed at the end of the chain. Spacer silver beads can also be used as boundaries between different types of beads. You can therefore mix various shapes to create more fascinating looks. Since beads require ropes for them to be worn on the body, they can be used on beautifully designed chains to achieve a greater sense of beauty. They could be used on silver chains to add to the illustrious beauty of the chains.



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Silver beads are to some extent continuation of the old traditional cultures even though the more natural products like seeds and cowries were used in those circumstances. The use of silver beads today can be said to modernize the art and practice of beads wearing. There are different shapes and sizes of silver beads and can be used simultaneously to avoid monotony.

Notes and use methods of bronze powder

More coarse the bronze powder is, the stronger the sense of metal will be. And it becomes more flashing and brightness. If it is finer, sense of metal reduced, the color is gentler and hiding function is better.

Copper powder under gentle stirring, scores of times to the copper powder in the solvent of 1:1 or 2:1. Under low shear stirring for about 15 minutes to a paste. Adding the required tone gold oil, stir to blend evenly. Solvent adjusted to the desired viscosity. To avoid curling and breaking the flaky copper powder particles in the dispersion process and reduce optical effects, the best choice of blade stirrer or disc scattered, medium-speed stir.

At the same time should avoid the use of nitrocellulose and epoxy resin. Two will be Si chemical reaction to generate the jelly; such as the use of these two resin, it should be as much as possible within a short time. Should be used wherever possible the low acid value of resin, the resin by the acid value as low as possible. Aromatic hydrocarbons and esters help to make the metal powder particles completely wetting to achieve fully dispersed. It should avoid the use of alcohol and ketone solvents and acidification incomplete lipid solvent. Be sure to use high purity resin and solvent (low water content), containing a small amount of water recommended using the molecular sieve to remove the moisture before the copper powder pigments.

Copper powder in the milling process will be added fatty acids, to reduce friction and protect the copper from the oxide, copper powder surface of both fatty acid protective layers. High temperature, water, sweat and alkaline media are very easy to damage the protective layer of copper powder surface, thereby enabling the slow oxidation, gradually lose their metallic luster.

Caused by copper powder gloss because the powder particle size distribution too broad, too large proportion of fine particulates (

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Tips While Buying The Best Titanium Necklaces

Titanium necklaces are definitely the next big thing for many jewelry lovers today. This is mainly because they are strong and durable just as many would prefer. Titanium offers a sparkling white shine, delicate rainbow polish and is rather comfortable to the wearer. The titanium material is tough and lightweight thus allowing it to function well in various applications.

The necklaces made from titanium are very stylish and elaborate. There are various shapes and styles that are available for the necklaces that suits both men and women. The titanium has high quality material and hence the necklace will not be prone to scratches. It maintains its smooth and shiny look for a long time so there is no need to keep replacing the necklace. This is a great way to always wear a stylish and beautiful jewelry without any hassles.

The necklaces made from titanium just require a small effort in maintenance. There is no need for frequent polish but just an occasional wipe to get rid of finger scratches or stains. The good thing with titanium is that it is non-corrosive. In this case, materials like salt water and cleaning mixtures pose no threat to the necklace. This makes it suitable to wear anytime, even while swimming in the ocean or lying down on the beach.

Titanium necklaces can be worn with nearly all sorts of outfits. It looks good while on a dress, on regular jeans and even with sportswear. Titanium remains elegant and at the same time it is casual. There is no reason not to look good in every occasion while wearing a necklace made from titanium.

Many people are allergic to various metal jewelry especially those that are coated. This is because the metal comes off on the skin or sometimes when it stays on the skin for too long it creates an allergic reaction. This causes skin rashes and even discolored skin which can be very uncomfortable for many people. However, titanium does not irritate the skin and therefore it is safe for everyone.

The necklaces from titanium are rather unique. It always looks new and not boring like some jewelry do, thus it remains fashionable in all seasons. The necklaces are further improved by the fact that there are numerous varieties to select from. There are black necklaces available in titanium that can match various outfits. It is important to ensure however, that it is genuine titanium to avoid disappointments.

The titanium metal also offers necklaces with a mixture of colored gems which are astonishing. Many women find this metal exquisite and offer them the best necklaces. Various necklace designs are very attractive to them and thus titanium has become very popular today.

The titanium jewelry is expensive however, but it is proved to be very durable. It is important for those shopping for necklaces not to go for the cheaper ones though because cheap ones can turn to become expensive. Cheap necklaces can cause skin irritations and you will then need to visit a doctor which might be costly. Titanium necklaces have more benefits and offer more options to people who want to look stylish all the time.

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How to Select Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace adds style to anything she wears. To own a pearl necklace is every woman’s desire. When looking for a pearl necklace there are many lengths of pearl necklaces: collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera and rope. Collar pearl necklace are 10 to 13 inches in length and good for casual wear. The 14-16 inch choker is an incomparable classic, and probably the most versatile of all pearl lengths. At 18-20 inches, the princess-length pearl necklace makes a perfect chain for a pendant or pearl enhancer. Matinee pearl necklace are 20 to 24 inches and is great with a business suit or a dress. Opera pearl necklace are 28 to 34 inches and are perfect for a dress-up occasion.

Choose a pearl necklace, which will match her lifestyle and personality. Choosing a right pearl necklace depends on many factors including age, skin color and occasion. When buying pearl necklace it’s a good idea to base your choice of color on skin tone. A young woman wears a pearl necklace it leaves an impression of style, beauty and innocence. An elderly woman wears a pearl necklace it gives an impression of poise, dignity and sophistication. offer 16 inch and 18 inch pearl necklace for your choice, if it is too long or too short, you can contact us for your prefered length and we will come back to you in one business day.

When buying pearl necklace it’s a good idea to base your choice of color on the skin tone of the person they are intended for. In general, pink pearls look best on fairer skin tones, while yellow or golden pearls look best on darker skin tones. An elegant pearl necklace is a great gift idea for special days like marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, valentines, mother’s day etc. When buying a pearl necklace, there are a few things to keep in mind including surface, color, size, luster, and shape. The pearl necklace is strung in many fashions. The center pearl being bigger and the remaining tapering down the size, is a style in fashion too. The pearl could be bigger or smaller depending on the design, if you prefer big sized pearls then one strand pearl necklace would look beautiful.

The way to choose a piece of pearl bracelet is very similar to that of pearl necklace. But there is a little difference between them. The length of pearl bracelet is much smaller than that of peal necklace. And then, wearing pearl necklace always requires more about the matching with dress and skin; apparently, the pearl bracelet requires less.

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