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Cleaning and Storage Tips for Diamond Earrings and Silver Hoop Earrings

If you own precious jewelry such as diamond earrings, pendants, diamond rings, or other fine jewelry products, you can keep these items for a lifetime if you take care of them. Proper cleaning and storage will help your diamond jewelry stay beautiful for years to come.

Why Cleaning is Necessary

Diamond jewelry accumulates dirt and oil buildup after a while. This buildup comes from hand lotions, hair styling products, dust, and even perspiration. If you never clean your diamond jewelry, the buildup will only get worse and will finally turn into gunk on the back of your jewelry or stone. The buildup is usually not noticeable for a while, but before you know it, your diamond looks dull and dirty. You can clean jewelry at home or have a jeweler clean it for you.

How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

To clean diamond jewelry, create a solution using warm water and mild liquid dish detergent such as Ivory detergent. Ammonia solution or water solution may be used for fracture-filled diamonds. If other gemstones are included with your diamond, be extremely careful not to damage these during cleaning. There are also jewelry cleaning solutions available in the marketplace, but you can use the household remedy above to save time and money.

Soak the jewelry in the solution for a while and then use a soft brush to remove dirt and gunk from the jewelry. Never use a brush with hard or stiff bristles because this could scratch any metal areas of your jewelry. After cleaning with the brush, swish the jewelry around a few times in the solution. Then, rinse the jewelry in warm water. Always cover or close your drain before rinsing diamond jewelry over a sink. Small pieces may fall down the drain if you drop them.

If the jewelry still has some grime after cleaning, use a toothpick to get to those hard-to-reach places. Next, dry the jewelry as much as possible using a lint-free cloth.

You can use this cleaning method for diamond engagement rings, diamond bangles, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, and other diamond jewelry, but be sure to take all parts (bands, clasps, settings, other stones, and so forth) of the jewelry into consideration. If you’re not sure, ask a jeweler to show you how to clean the item safely.

How to Store Diamond Jewelry

Diamond earrings, pendants, and jewelry should be stored so the jewelry doesn’t rub together and get scratched. Use soft jewelry cloth to separate your different pieces of jewelry. Store your jewelry in a dry room or area of your home, safe from moisture or condensation. Also, keep your valuables in a safe, hidden place. Even with jewelry insurance coverage, losing a sentimental diamond ring or other diamond jewelry can be a heart-breaking experience.

For jewelry items very close to your heart such as a diamond engagement ring, never leave them lying around on a counter, dresser, or table where they can easily be knocked off. Place them in your jewelry box when you need to take them off for chores so you’ll always know where they are.

Clean and store your diamond earrings, pendants, and jewelry safely, and they’ll never lose their beautiful, shiny appeal.

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If you own precious jewelry such as diamond earrings, pendants, diamond rings, or other fine jewelry products, you can keep these items for a lifetime if you take care of them. Proper cleaning and storage will help your diamond jewelry stay beautiful for years to come.

Why Cleaning is Necessary

Diamond jewelry accumulates dirt and oil buildup after a while. This buildup comes from hand lotions, hair styling products, dust, and even perspiration. If you never clean your diamond jewelry, the buildup will only get worse and will finally turn into gunk on the back of your jewelry or stone. The buildup is usually not noticeable for a while, but before you know it, your diamond looks dull and dirty. You can clean jewelry at home or have a jeweler clean it for you.

The Best Bracelet Clasps for Your Creation

Clasps, whether for necklaces or bracelets, are an important
part of any jewelry. These components offer functionality by securing the ends
of a piece together, and beauty by providing the designs finishing touches.
Necklace and bracelet clasps are
available in many different types and forms, so it is not easy to choose which
one you would want to use for your creation.


Some examples of bracelet
clasps include the spring tension types, which can be spring ring or
lobster variations.  The other types are
the toggle, box, hook and eye, S-hook, slide locks, barrel, magnetic, and some
more clasps. Because of this variety, you need to take into consideration some
things that will help you make a choice.


Safety should be the number one concern when choosing bracelet clasps. It is very important
that the clasps secure your jewelry one hundred percent. Otherwise, your item
may get lost when it happens to fall off your wrists. Remember, a clasp which
is safe on a necklace may not offer the same security on a bracelet.  Consider also that a bracelet is always
moving, and does not have enough gravity to pull the bracelet clasps shut. Toggle clasps are not advisable to use on
bracelets, even though the piece is a heavy one.


How easily can you put your bracelet on alone.  When you use lobster type and small spring
rings bracelet clasps on your
jewelry, wearers may find them difficult to handle. The larger ones are more
ideal to use.  Also, a different
mechanism should be used on tight bracelets and a different one for loosely
hanging ones. The slide locks and magnetic types can be easily dealt with one
hand than some clasp types. The magnetic type bracelet clasps are prone to get open accidentally, so if you
intend to use it on your bracelet, make sure that it has a safety chain.


Consider the weight of your bracelet.  If your piece of jewelry has heavy components
such as gemstones, the bracelet clasps
to use should possess strength that can hold its weight. The closures should be
locking, of larger types, and also will shut close just by weight, like for
example a toggle, a hook and eye, or an S hook. 
When the jewelry is light, the toggles bar may slip out from the ring.


Consider the quality of the bracelet clasps. A piece of jewelry such as a bracelet is not
created in haste nor in a hurry.  It is
planned and designed, and care is exercised in the process of creation. The
clasp that you put on it should be matched with the jewelry value, especially
if you are making jewelry for sale. Even if you are working on a budget, the
thing that you created is worth a good quality clasp.


Finally, the metal material should be chosen right. Bracelet clasps can be bought in all
kinds of metals, including gold and silver. Gold filled clasps and gold and
silver plated ones can be cheaper alternatives to the pricey pure gold and fine
silver clasps. As a reminder, make sure that the clasps are properly fastened
to your bracelet.  Give the clasps a test
by pulling the bracelet after the closures have been attached to it.

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How To Buy Gold And What To Look For When You Are Purchasing Gold

Since the initiation of the recorded history, gold has possessed a strong significance for the production of coins, using in art products and jewellery. Gold belongs to the class of pure metals. It is very thick and has a shining surface. It is also quite soft and pliable. Gold has always been a prime tool for fiscal exchange. Gold ingots are acquired and stored by gold keepers as an instrument to circumvent possible inflation and other likely fiscal problems. But, the most prominent use for Gold has been in the making of jewellery. Some particular applications that require a lot of energy utilize Gold as the metal in their system.

The rates of gold have been in few thousands of INR per gram. When the idea of physical investment comes into picture, Gold is often the norm. This is because of its undeniably splendid shine and highly attractive tenor. This makes the idea of possessing gold, highly attractive. Gold can be bought in several types such as gold bars, jewels, gold coins and bullion.

A lot of ways are there to buy gold bars. The typical method is to go to a jeweler and buy gold. But, this type of purchase is not exactly an investment. However, when purchasing gold, it has to be ensured that it is pure and authentic. The color associated with pure gold is yellow with metallic appearance. Prior to the purchase of gold, it is good to ensure that you know the price of the gold ingots from a trusted source.

During the purchase of Gold bars, have a good idea as to why exactly the purchase is being made. If the reason for the purchase is pleasure or as gifts, then the type of gold that is in your mind most likely is either jewellery or gold coins that can be collected. One thing that must be kept in mind is that when gold jewellery is sold after once buying it, its value is not comparable to the original value with which it is bought. Another thing of note is that gold can be sold quite easily as coins.

Gold never is outdated in the world. Make sure that the quality of gold through karat is known before buying it. Ensure that the dealer through which you are buying gold is trustworthy.

Gold bars are the best option if the idea is to invest. Dealers are there who can sell you bars. Usually gold is bought in increments of one ounce. Be careful and alert when you are dealing with gold purchases.

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Sterling Silver Necklace Pendants

Sterling silver necklace pendants are found in just about any jewelry store. These necklace pendants are a great addition to any chain, and can even help make it stand out against your neck. Because they can really enhance any kind of skin tone far better than gold, they are sought after by both genders. Sterling silver pendants are also a great gift idea for just about any age. They come in an abundance of shapes and sizes, so it will never be very hard to find one you like.

Because there are so many different kinds of sterling silver necklace pendants, picking the right one can often be overwhelming. There are many different finishes, polished and hammered, as well as rustic, antiqued, and of course just good old plain silver. You can find pendants that are just by themselves, and ones that have precious stones in them, such as pearls, topaz, and garnets. One of the most popular stone that is often accompanied with sterling silver is turquoise. Southwestern Native American tribes hand craft many different styles of pendants.

The first real tip when buying sterling necklace pendants is make sure they are real. Necklace pendants that are made from real silver will have the sterling silver stamp on the back of it, with its purity number. The more pure it is, the better off you are, and the less risk it will start to tarnish or turn your skin green. Anyone who is selling real silver jewelry will have a sign clearly posted somewhere telling you its real. If you are buying from a vendor at a fair or craft show, you really need to check this closely. Some people like to say it’s real silver, but it isn’t.

The next thing you want to consider is who your buying it for. For example, if you have a friend you’re buying sterling pendants for, think about what they like. Getting them a cross necklace pendant for a person who isn’t religious, or a person who is Pagan for example, is going to be a turn off. If the person is religious, getting them a cross, or a star of David is going to be something they will cherish for a life time.

Another thing to consider when buying necklace pendants for a friend or loved one is size. You want to buy a necklace pendent that is going to sit right one their neck, and not be so huge that it overwhelms them. You want something that will stand out, certainly, otherwise they may not wear it that often, but you don’t want something so gaudy either.

The next thing to think about is price. Good sterling silver pendants start at around $40, depending on size, and can go up into the hundreds of dollars. This depends a lot on the style of necklace pendants, how intricate the design, and if they also have precious stones in them. Using the turquoise and silver pendants as an example, some of these can even cost close to a grand.

While there are many different local retailer jewelers for pendants, if you want the widest selections of sterling silver necklace pendants, at the lowest prices, you are going to have to go online. Some of the websites where you can find quality merchandise at the lowest prices are Amazon, Overstock,com, and even Ebay.

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Refinishing Your Cuff And Bracelet

How To Fix Your Cuff And Bracelet:

Everyone has their favorite bracelet. The bracelet that has been been along for every ride, and has become an inseparable part of the body. Unfortunately, these bracelets can often break. With an active lifestyle, it is common for beads to fall off of the cuff and bracelet. There is still a chance to save your favorite cuff and bracelet, however, and return it safely onto your wrist.

To Make Sure Your Bracelet Is Repairable:

It is important to round up all of the fallen pieces, as soon as they separate. This will allow you to refurbish your original bracelet, as it was originally created, without having to buy new beads. If you are not going to immediately fix your bracelet, you should contain all of the beads in a bag or container, to prevent further loss.

Find The Cause:

You should inspect your bracelet to determine why the beads fell off. Sometimes the clasp has broken, allowing multiple beads to slide off. Other times, the beads simply become damaged and cracked, thereby falling off on their own. Once you know the cause of the damage, you can then properly repair the damaged bracelet.

If The String Or Clasp Is Broken:

If you find that the clasp has broken on your cuff, you can simply order a new clasp from the original retailer. This will allow you to fix the bracelet you love, without having mismatched parts. If it is the string or band that is broken, you can generally find a replacement for not too much money. At local arts and crafts stores, you can find nearly everything you need to replace a damaged bracelet. You can find twine, clasps, elastics and other items to seal your bracelet back together.

If The Beads Are Damaged:

Depending on the size of the bead or jewel, it may be possible to glue it back together. This will only work for medium to larger sized beads, and is also depending on how badly damaged they are. If a larger bead is cracked in half, a small amount of glue should be more than enough to place it back together. It can then be threaded back onto the original string. If the bead is part of a cuff, then it can simply be glued back on in its original position.

If The Beads Cannot Be Fixed:

Sometimes, the beads are simply too far damaged to be salvaged. If this is the case, it is best to try and find a bead that can coincide with the rest. Replacing the originally bead can often be difficult, and anything too similar might not pass. It is better to get a bead that fits well with the rest, than to simply try and mimic the original.

Redesign Your Bracelet:

Since you are already fixing your bracelet or cuff, now is the perfect time to make any adjustments. You can add a new emblem or jewel, or even remove an old one. It can be important to let your favorite bracelet follow you in your life, but sometimes, a little change can be great.

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